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A Step by Step Aftercare Process for Scalp Micropigmentation

When you have just gotten scalp micropigmentation because of hair loss; it is necessary to be aware that there are some aftercare guidelines that you are supposed to follow. SMP is a cosmetic procedure that you want to provide you with the desired appearance and thus it is paramount to ensure that you follow the right procedure. People who are careful with the aftercare of this treatment tend to have better results. Here is how you should do it.

In the first for days after the treatment, there are several aftercare practices that you should observe. At all cost, avoid those things that will make you sweat. Do not get into the shower at this time. Some of the places that you should avoid includes the swimming pools, tanning bed, steam rooms, and chlorinated pools. Most importantly, you should avoid showering, shaving, and touching the area that has been treated.

After five days to seven days, you are now allowed to get your head back to the water. However, you are supposed to be gentle and use a mild shampoo(baby shampoo) You should also consider applying moinstreizerr to ensure that your head does not get dry or flaky. However, ensure that the moisturizer is not perfumed. Engage in those activities that will make you sweat lightly.

From day seven onward, you are now free to get back to the regular showering and schedules. Showering can be done at any temperature that you feel is ideal. For the shampoo, and can work. A warning to those people who are considering razor shaving; they should not commence it if they are still healing scabs on the skin. Do not be worried about getting to the gym and doing those activities that are going to make you sweat a lot.

Scalp micropgmention is a treatment that is done in two or three sessions. The sessions are spaced with a span of about one month. For each session, make sure that you follow the above guidelines. After all the sessions are over, you should get to normal 30 days later.

About 30 days after the treatment, you are now permitted into swimming, sauna, and tanning booths. It is paramount to apply sunscreen whenever you are getting out to the sun. It is also vital to ensure that your head is moisturized at all the time.

The part which is treated can get infections and thus it is vital to be vigilant. You are likely to have swelling if the infected area is infected; the swelling will be excessive, painful, and disturbing. Another symptom that you are likely to experience is fever. Fever is a symptom that always tells you that something wrong is happening in your body.

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